Personal care




Assisting lives Services takes pride in hiring competent personnel, and all employees go through business training before to working with any of the clients we support.Your personal care needs can be met by our knowledgeable, seasoned, and professional personnel, who understand the value of upholding your privacy and dignity at all times.Our exceptional care team will make sure that all of your care is handled in a way that does not put you through any discomfort because we understand how embarrassing this can seem.a senior member of staff will visit you at your home to conduct an assessment based on the details you and your family provide. Based on this assessment, we will develop a person-centered support plan that is specially tailored for you. Your support will be structured to meet all of your requirements.Your assistance will be regularly evaluated. You can, however, request a review of it whenever you'd like, and from that plan, we'll assign a staff member we think would work well for you. Please contact us if you find that you don't like the staff member we assigned to you; nevertheless, we are certain that you will like the staff member we select.We aim to ensure that you always maintain the highest level of independence in all the areas you ask us to assist you with.Your staff will support you to have a pleasant fresh start to your day. Your support staff will assist you to get up in the morning and either have a bath or shower, use the toilet, clean your teeth, shave, help you to pick out your clothes for the day and get dressed and support you to prepare and have your breakfast, support you with any medication. On an evening call, your staff will support you to get ready for bed.Your highly experienced support staff will support you with continence care, foot care, washing, and drying hair.We at Assisting live Services understand that every person is individual, with his/him/she/her needs values and preferences, that is why your person centered plan is specific to you.