Our Aims and Objectives

Throughout the years, we have seen some services run less effectively and seen the devastation that inadequate, affordable home care was causing for individuals and their families. Sadly, the care sector has evolved into one that is profit-driven. In order to balance their budgets, local governments are reducing the cost of care, which puts pressure on employees and services to perform. We think this downward pressure on costs is what causes the majority of failure medical interventions. This is wrong in our opinion at Assisting lives , especially because lives are at risk! As a result, we have chosen to adopt a completely new strategy for providing mental health, learning impairments, and home care for the elderly. These are the ambitions and goals we have:We won't neglect care to save money. We'll offer job opportunities to qualified candidates in a setting that values everyone's dignity, respect, equality of treatment, and just compensation.
We always actively involve our customers in making sure that we develop the proper care package that satisfies their needs, starting with the initial evaluation and continuing throughout their stay in our care. This is part of our policy. We will provide clients with a range of disabilities and diseases with the support they need to be as independent as they can be and to always feel appreciated.fostering the right to self-determination by enabling clients to voice their desires, feelings, and preferences and make decisions.
to take a person-centered approach, guaranteeing the finest assistance and results for each client, offering a service tailored to their needs, and giving them a true, unhurried commitment from Heaton Support Services Ltd.
To be sensitive to the needs and expectations of clients by promoting their full involvement and integration into the community and helping them to acquire daily life skills and activities to encourage freedom and choice.To maximise clients' potential in terms of work, play, and other leisure activities by giving them access to a wide range of activities both at home and in the neighbourhood.
must remain committed to non-aversive means of regulating and diminishing such behaviours, while accepting challenging and disruptive behaviours and, to the greatest extent feasible, channelling them into good paths.they should be aware of each person's unique communication requirements and seek to improve their communication skills and foster self-expression.
To provide dependable, unwavering care that enables each client to live in a setting that values wholesome interactions, respect, trust, and consideration for others.retaining the dignity and respect of every client by accepting and comprehending them as an individual to make sure clients succeed and receive recognition, fostering the stimulation of emotional development and the creation of reliable connections.Our clients and staff are at the forefront of everything we do and strive to achieve, to make receiving care and working in care a happy, pleasant experience for all. The management team all started in care as support workers in various locations we saw, experienced and remember how hard it is for staff to go to work on an early shift at 08.00am to be told later in the shift you were now doing a long day as someone was sick, the worst thing we remember is not actually being asked, but it was expected that you do it, and this can be quite demoralising to the staff team, we will never put pressure on our staff to do more than they physically can do, we as a management team will pick up the slack to ensure clients’ needs are met, and staff are not put under pressure, we evidenced large staff turnover in our previous employment, which was confusing for clients as they never knew who was supporting them, therefore trust between client and staff was always hard and sometimes never developed, we will match our staff to our clients and ensure consistency.