Coming home from hospital





The care and support provided by Assisting lives Services' excellent enablement team is focused on preserving and enhancing your capacity for independent living. We know that after a hospital visit, especially for the elderly, you can lose some of your critical skills. Our staff will support you regardless of whether your hospital stay was caused by an illness, accident, or event in your own home. With the help of medical professionals, we will provide first-rate support that will focus on the areas where you need assistance in order to regain the degree of independence you had before being brought to the hospital. In addition to helping you with meals, medication, housekeeping, and bathing, our staff will help you restore your confidence and skills so you may continue living in your own home.

We provide enablement support to those who are recuperating from an illness, injury, or are frail as well as to those with learning difficulties.

You will receive assistance from our knowledgeable experts while you retrain and pick up the lost abilities.

We offer you this assistance so you can stay in your own home.