Learning Disabilities / Autism / Complex Needs

The management and staff team at assisting lives we all believe that individuals with a learning disability, autism, Asperger's syndrome, or any other disability have the same opportunities and rights to live their lives like anyone else, free from harm and abuse, have the same right to be treated with dignity and respect, have the same rights to opportunities that are available to everyone, and have the same rights to living a valued and satisfied life. Everyone ought to have the opportunity to live in their own house and be seen as a valuable contributor to the community. Keep relationships strong, develop and advance their talents, get help when they need it, and lead a fulfilling life.With their extensive knowledge and commitment, the management team and support personnel have supported, advocated for, and fought for the rights of persons with learning impairments and all other disabilities to achieve happier and more fruitful lives for over 60 years. All goals are attainable, as we have learned from years of working with individuals who require assistance.

Working with those with learning difficulties as well as those with other disabilities, Assisting lives takes a holistic approach. collaborating with families, social workers, other service providers, personnel, commissioners, and mental health teams.We always offer people-centered help so they can:Always placing the needs of the individual first, we assist people in:
With the help of our highly trained staff members who specialise in learning disabilities, acquired brain injuries, complex needs, autism, mental health issues, and personality disorders, we want to serve you.We will support you so that you can learn new things, get more self-assurance, and come to feel respected and cherished.We'll keep creating possibilities and attempting to fill desirable societal roles.We will use supported work options and volunteer positions in the community to help you participate in regular activities at local locations.increase their independence and well-being.
Daily risk management will help you advance.
help you manage your finances and affairs in a person-centered mannerUrge individuals to utilise the facilities and services that are available to everyone, both locally and abroad.
assistance to increase independence
Improve social and communication skills by instructing personnel in Makaton, PECS, etc.
greater awareness of one's own and others' emotions
Promote group activities, such as large soups where everyone may succeed at their own level.
Detecting emotions through presentation and body language
collaborating with the neighbourhood community and other communities nearby
discovering safety measures.
Body language interpretation for emotional understanding