Adult Learning





Assisting lives Services employees are all trained to assist people who have  learning difculties . We will create a comprehensive support plan that is tailored to your specific needs and will be person-centered. Our staff will be helpful, allowing you to be more creative in your work.
Your sense of pride, independence, and self-worth can all be developed by learning new skills.
We will assist you.
Break up tasks into smaller components and build up to your target goal gradually.
Participate more actively
Assist you in overcoming any obstacles
Encourage people to seek assistance and support.
Encourage peer education.
We will use your words and ensure that everything you read is clear to you.
Encourage you to be self-sufficient and to seek assistance.
Change our approach to communicating with you, whether through Makaton, PECS, or pictures, and consider your personal communication style.

We will give you the tools to strengthen and develop your abilities to their greatest potential. We want to inspire individuals to be creative since it boosts engagement and helps people to generate their own ideas.