independent living





In your own home, we at assisting lives Services want you to feel better and supported. We specialise in helping people with daily duties and skills so they can be as independent as possible and fully enjoy their life.

With the right and suitable support in place, together with risk assessments, we feel that everyone should be kept safe and sufficiently protected against any hazards. We also consider that risks shouldn't interfere with daily living.When it comes to daily duties, an older person or someone with learning difficulties may require extra assistance and support, but because they live alone, they may not always feel capable of receiving it. Individuals have the right to care and support as well as the right to live independently.
According to our research, more independent living options and participation in decision-making result in more people having access to community resources.
In order to create a support plan that is individually customised to your needs, a member of our assessment team will conduct an assessment with you in the comfort of your own home. At our organisation, we firmly believe that everyone has the right to take part more actively in society.